Transforming our Worlds Youth  into Thoughtful Leaders Prepared to make a Difference.

The Young Peacekeepers Advanced Leadership & Success Academy is an organization dedicated to teaching young people proper behavior for respecting family, friends, and community leaders while at the same time ingraining leadership skills and success principles.  The primary vehicle for doing this is through teaching classic traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu and Ballet.
Our Advanced Leadership and Success Training is an assimilation of concepts from Master of Business Administration programs, child development, ancient eastern and near eastern philosophy, yoga, tai chi, traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu, personal development programs, fitness training, military training, academic skills training, and stress management training.

Our goal is to provide our students with the personal skills and traits that will give them advantages and a competitive edge in all aspects of their life.  School, sports, business, and jobs are so competitive in our world that children need every advantage they can get in order to be successful in life.
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Peacekeeper’s Commitment

As Young Peacekeepers:

We promise to always do good in the world.

We promise to respect parents, family members, teachers, and leaders, and to be kind to everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, or money.

We promise never to seek a fight, never to intentionally hurt someone unless necessary to protect ourselves, our family, our friends, or those who cannot protect themselves. We strive to avoid fights and mediate disputes.

We promise never to bully anyone and always to protect others from bullies.

Our purpose is to make the world a safer place by keeping the peace and by setting a good example of being respectful, kind, courteous, and responsible.


One Response to Who are The Young Peacekeepers?

  • Wataru says:

    Very few schools train in an efitcefve manner, they have the same problem by and large as many places ie a huge focus on static drill training that has a complying partner throwing a known punch under which the defendant does a sequence of moves not on efitcefvely applying this to a moving resisting opponent.That doesn’t mean there aren’t some serious trainers in it (Bruce Lee started off with this art for eg though he never did become largely profecient in it). Merely that many schools of it do not realistically train will try reel you in with flashy moves. Also as far as im aware it doesn’t train in a sports environment thus there would be few videos of combat on YT, rather demos lessons etc

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