Sifu William Lee began training in the art of Ving Tsun in 2000 as a personal student of Master Ron Heimberger. William accompanied Master Heimberger to many training seminars around the country and attributes a great deal of his skill to these experiences. He trained under Master Heimberger (1956-2008) until his Sifu’s untimely passing in 2008.  He now continues his training under Sifu David Pangan and his Sigong Ip Ching.  On his last trip to Hong Kong, William trained with and was certified by Grandmaster Ip Ching as a Sifu in the Ving Tsun Ip Ching Athletic Association. William is serious about maintaining the standards set forth by Grandmaster Ip Ching.  He teaches public and private classes in St. George, Utah, and he assists Sifu David Pangan with workshops and seminars throughout the country.


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