Senior Master Ron Heimberger lived from 1956 to 2008. He was a personal disciple of Grandmaster Ip Ching and was a world-renowned expert on the art and practice of Wing Chun. He had upward of 3,000 students to be found in North and South America, Europe, The Middle East, and Asia.

He was a director of the Ip Ching Wing Chun Athletic Association and was widely known for his amazing abilities as an instructor and practitioner of Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Kung Fu.

He developed instructional programs for military, law enforcement, community organizations, and individuals and was a preeminent program developer.

He was a highly sought after author who wrote a number of books and magazine articles on various aspects of Wing Chun and hand-to-hand combat. In everything he did, he was passionate in his dedication to preserve and teach the principles and art of Wing Chun.

Since his untimely demise from an aggressive form of brain cancer some have tried to suppress and even erase his legacy. Some have demeaned him and some have used legal maneuvering to force the removal of personal copies of video from the internet. The latter group may be motivated by the fact that they are no longer teaching what and how Senior Master Heimberger taught and are therefore suppressing all evidence to the contrary.

We here are dedicated to preserving his legacy inasmuch as possible and honoring the memory of the great person, the great instructor, and the great Wing Chun Warrior that he was.


Rest in peace Sifu.

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