Gau Lin Leanna Anderson is the primary instructor of the children’s training under the direction of Sifu Anderson.  She began her Wing Chun training as a child herself in 1999.  She began her ballet training in 1995 has and continued that simultaneous with her kung fu training .  She also studied Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Social, African and Contemporary dance .  Through the years she maintained her Wing Chun kung fu training entering the adult curriculum in 2006.  Her youngest brother is developmentally disabled and she spent much of her life as his primary caretaker, this helped hone her patience and kindness with children even under stressful situations and child behaviors.  Her sweetdisposition and gentleness are like a magnet with children who gravitate to her in all environments.

Gau Lin Leanna is a strong believer in the value of patience and kindness with children as a means of encouraging and inspiring them.  As a children’s instructor she works tirelessly to build children’s self-confidence, physical fitness, and leadership traits while at the same time nourishing an attitude of protecting the weak as well that of honoring and respecting parents and leaders. She is a strong advocate of the development of thinking and analysis skills in children while simultaneously cultivating their coordination and self-defense skills, the same as she has personally done under the direction and tutelage of her father who holds doctorate and masters university degrees in addition to being a kung fu master.






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