Born in 1936 in Foshan, China. He was the youngest son of Grandmaster Ip Man. Many of the famous martial art masters were living in Foshan during the time that Ip Ching was growing up. He began his training under his father’s direction at the age of 13.

His active instruction was temporarily suspended when his father moved to Hong Kong in search of a better life for his family away from the communist privations imposed on them.

Ip Ching attended college in Canton and afterward moved in to live with his father for the remainder of Ip Man’s life. During those many years before Ip Man died, Ip Ching worked with his father teaching Ip Man’s kung fu school and he trained constantly with his father.

Between training with Ip Man constantly and observing Ip Man teaching others, Ip Ching was privy to enormous insight into Ip Man’s kung fu, his teaching methods, and his understanding of Wing Chun. Ip Ching continues to teach his father’s Wing Chun based on his personal insight and he continues to develop deeper insights into kung fu that can only come through a principle-based evolution of the art.

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