What should I be doing today in order to progress toward my goals?

“The object of the superior man is truth. Food is not his object… So with learning;- emolument may be found in it. The superior man is anxious lest he should not get truth; he is not anxious lest poverty should come upon him. ” ~Analects

“In the Book of Poetry, it is said ‘In his deportment there is nothing wrong; he rectifies all the people of the State.’ Yes; when the ruler, as father, a son, and a brother, is a model, then the people imitate him.” ~ The Great Learning

“Sincerity is the way of heaven.  The attainment of sincerity is the way of men.” ~The Doctrine of the Mean

“When the accomplishments and solids qualities are equally blended, we then have the man of virtue.” ~Analects

“The Master said, ‘They who know the truth are not equal to those who love it, and they who love it are not equal to those who delight in it.'” ~Analects


“At the commencement of the piece, all the parts should sound together.  As it proceeds, they should be in harmony, while severally distinct and flowing with out break, and thus on to the conclusion.”  ~ Analects

Latest News 10/04/12:

We are now holding Wednesday night classes in Joshua Tree, California. We have selected this location in order to make it much easier for our friends from the 29 Palms U.S. Marine Corp base to attend.

Latest News 07/30/12:

Summer camp was amazing as always.  International Wing Chun Master Allan Higby with the help of Master Anderson and Master Lee and a number of other instructors lead and directed the training this year. Everyone came away with a substantial increase in knowledge and fighting skill.

“The characteristics of a superior man[or woman]: in his conduct of himself he was humble;in serving his superiors, he was respectful, in nourishing the people, he was kind, in ordering the people he was just.. The acquaintance might be long, but he showed the same respect as at first.” ~ Analects

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